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CaroMont Regional Medical Center began as a direct offshoot of the old City Hospital, which opened with nine beds in November 1908. At the close of World War II, there was a successful fundraiser, and through public support the City Hospital was purchased and enlarged to meet the needs of the community. In 1946, the hospital’s name was changed to Gaston Memorial Hospital. In 1973, Gaston Memorial Hospital established a school of nursing, from which 307 students graduated. The same year the need for more space, hospital beds and facilities increased, causing the hospital to relocate to its current site.

In 1984, the hospital began a reorganization process in order to enter into health care related businesses. The reorganization was completed in 1987, and in 1989 a radiation oncology center was opened, providing advanced radiation therapy to cancer patients. A few years later, a four-level addition to the hospital was achieved. In 1993, Gaston Memorial became one of only seven hospitals in North Carolina to earn a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program designation from the American College of Surgeons.

Today this health care system is known as CaroMont Health and includes seven affiliate companies including a network of 43 primary and specialty physician offices. The present vision of CaroMont Health is to be a nationally recognized leader and valued partner in promoting individual health and vibrant communities. This vision speaks to CaroMont Health’s desire to play a fundamental role in the lives of each person and the community we serve.

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