Women's and Children's Services


Gynecology is concerned with the care of adolescent and adult females, particularly the prevention and treatment of reproductive and urinary disorders. Our care includes office visits, routine examinations, health screenings and counseling. Our scope of expertise covers the spectrum of female pathology from simple infections to complex pelvic reconstructions.

Pre and Postmenopausal Therapy

Our staff works to educate women on the different types of menopause, their associated symptoms, complications and treatments. Pre and postmenopausal therapies are an integral part of our care and include dietary changes, hormone therapy, medication and exercise.

Breast Care

We offer comprehensive breast health services for women ranging from breast cancer screening using digital mammography to state-of-the-art diagnostic services. Our staff pulls from a variety of specialty practices to develop treatment strategies and works to provide a supportive environment. Our Breast Health Navigators are there to guide patients through diagnosis, imaging and treatment options. Please see Cancer Cancer to learn more about our oncology team and services.


Urogynecology is a subspecialty of Gynecology dealing with the medical conditions of female incontinence (loss of urine control) and pelvic organ prolapse (when organs within the pelvic region begin to fall or drop). Our experts have completed specialized training and provide advanced treatment options that range from non-surgical options and physical therapy, to medical and surgical procedures