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Compassion and dignity are the foundation of Gaston Hospice and Gaston Palliative Services. We believe that every life matters, and we are devoted to making each life we encounter more peaceful, comfortable and prepared for the future. This circle of support extends beyond the patient to friends and family who may need more comfort, education and help during this time. Whether we are helping a patient face serious illness or providing end-of-life care, we work to minimize pain and stress of symptoms, while improving quality of life.

Gaston Hospice and Gaston Palliative Services are affiliates of CaroMont Health, and not-for-profit organizations, located in Gastonia, NC.

Gaston Hospice is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive hospice provider in Gaston County. Since 1981, our experienced staff and volunteers have dedicated themselves to providing the most compassionate, exceptional and highly reliable hospice care for your loved one. In addition to addressing physical pain and symptoms, Gaston Hospice responds to the social, emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill persons, their caregivers and loved ones as they define those needs. Gaston Hospice emphasizes quality of life and considers the entire family in its program of care.

Gaston Palliative Services can begin providing treatment at the time of diagnosis. We focus on improving the quality of life for people living with a serious illness or medical condition, regardless of their age or prognosis. Our main goal is to relieve symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, and more, while helping patients carry on with the activities of their daily life.

Our patients are cared for where they live, whether it’s their home, a family member's home, an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility or any other residence.

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