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Genetic Services

CaroMont Health Genetic Services is offered to patients and their families through the CaroMont Cancer Center. The primary goal of cancer genetic counseling is to identify individuals and families who are at increased risk of cancer. This is useful for promoting awareness, early detection and cancer prevention as well as guiding treatment and follow-up options for those already diagnosed with cancer. Genetic counseling and genetic testing can be used to clarify and identify your potential cancer risk.

There are many known inherited genes associated with various cancers, including breast, ovarian, colon and uterine. Our genetic counselor is equipped with the knowledge and tools to communicate this complex science into understandable information.

To learn more, download our Genetic Service brochure here. To speak with our genetic counselor about hereditary cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling and genetic testing, please call 704.834.3672. To schedule a genetic counseling appointment, please call 704.671.5300.