Patients & Visitors

Post-Care Instructions

A nurse or hospital technician will demonstrate the safe and proper treatment of your wounds, if any, and the use and handling of catheters, intravenous ports, and medical equipment. A nurse or technician may also instruct you on safe ways of getting in and out of bed, chairs, and bathing. A nurse will go over with you the medications you will be taking at home, and any potential side effects and interactions with other drugs.

Before you leave the hospital, discharge instructions will be completed. This document includes:

  • A list of the medications you are to take, and their dosage
  • A description of the medical equipment you require
  • Continuing wound care or other treatments you need
  • Limitations on diet, movement or other activities
  • Follow-up tests and doctor appointments that are or should be scheduled
  • Which outside agencies, if any, will help with your care

You will be given a copy of the discharge instructions, which you should keep available at home. Copies are also given to your treating physician and to any facility or service arranged by the case manager or social worker.