Patients & Visitors

Arranging Post-Hospital Services

To accurately assess what your needs may be once you leave the hospital, a case manager or social worker will discuss your condition with your physician, nurse and other hospital staff involved in your care. Then he or she will consult with you and your family, or representative if you request, about your specific condition and recovery needs. Some questions you may be asked include:

  • What has your physician told you regarding your needs after you leave the hospital?
  • Do you think you’ll need some time to recover after your hospital stay?
  • Do you live alone or with others?
  • Do you think you’ll need some kind of help after your hospital stay? If so, what kind of help?
  • Have you made any arrangements to get help?
  • What transportation arrangements have been made for the visits to your physician’s office?

At this time, let your case manager or social worker know any concerns you have regarding your needs once you leave the hospital. Share the list you made of the post-hospital needs you may have. Your case manager or social worker will discuss what services may be appropriate and what would be the best way to provide such services given your life-style and preferences. Once your needs and priorities are determined, he or she can begin helping you choose between and arrange for skilled nursing, “Meals on Wheels,” physical therapy and other appropriate services.