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What Items Do You Need to Weather the Storm?


Weather in our area is very unpredictable, but waiting until there is an emergency can leave you and your family vulnerable. Read more about what items should be in your home that can help you weather a potentially hazardous storm.

Portable Batteries and Power Banks for Cell Phones
Easy to find, but the key is to keep them charged and ready in case of a prolonged power outage.

Snacks and Non-Perishable Food Options
Every home should always have at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food. This is a good idea for any kind of emergency, not just ones related to major storms.

Refill important prescriptions and essential medications before a storm hits. Pharmacies could be closed for days or operating at odd hours, depending on the weather or potential power outages.

Most alkaline batteries have a shelf life of five to 10 years but that is only if they are stored at room temperature. If you are storing batteries in your garage or attic, it may be time to check them and make sure you have a working supply in case of an emergency.

Traditional flashlights are great but small LED lanterns or a headlamp for hands-free light during a power outage may be better. It is also a good idea to have a flashlight or battery light source designated for every member of your family that is old enough to use one.

Should you need to call for help while stranded due to flood waters or other storm-related issues, ensuring you have a whistle on your person can help alert authorities and first responders to your location, quickly.

Toilet Paper
It is important to have a few extra rolls of toilet paper on hand, just to tide your household over in an emergency. But always remember that stockpiling often makes emergency situations worse. Buy only what you need and help ensure other families also have access to basic necessities.

Ponchos and Rain Gear
If you need to leave your home, be sure family members have appropriate shoes and rain gear that fits.

Emergency Contact Numbers
Having emergency contact information saved in your smartphone is a great idea, but if you need to reach someone urgently and have to rely on a landline or someone else’s phone, it’s a good idea to keep a print out of those important numbers.