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Best Tips for Halloween Safety


Halloween is only days away! While your main focus right now is most likely on costumes and candy, it's never a bad idea to also plan your Halloween with safety in mind. Here are our top five safety tips for parents:

Make sure your kids can be seen.

Costumes can be fun, scary and visible, all at the same time. Be sure your child's costume is brightly colored, or includes reflectors, especially if you're planning to trick-or-treat later in the evening.

Another way to accomplish great visibility is adding glow sticks, especially if your child will be walking in unlit areas. Glow sticks come in many different shapes, sizes and colors so it's easy to find one that fits your child's personality and compliments even the creepiest of costumes.

Another great option for visibility? Reflector tape is widely available and easy to add anywhere on your child's costume, even their shoes. Reflectors just give drivers an extra indication that little ones are on the loose.

Make sure your kids can see.

Just as important as drivers being able to see your child, is their ability to see oncoming obstacles and traffic. No costume should ever sacrifice a clear field of vision! Kids need to be able to see clearly and speak clearly at all times. And don't forget that their ability to hear is just as important. Do a safety check before purchasing a mask or other item that might impede these critical senses.

Trick-or-Treat in Groups

A child should not go out on Halloween alone. If your older children are allowed to venture out on their own, be sure they have a group of friends with them. Go a step further and encourage them to plan a route in advance and establish regular check in times so that you can keep track of where your kids are, as well as ensure they are safe and having fun!

Be Prepared

Yes, kids should be ready with a cellphone or walkie talkie, and a flashlight. But most importantly, all of those items should have fully charged or fresh batteries.

Another essential item is a candy bag or bucket. Choose one that your child can carry comfortably when completely filled. Or, if you plan to accompany them, choose one you don't mind carrying for them!

Stay on the sidewalk and cross roads safely.

It's easy for children to get comfortable with their surroundings. This is a perfect time of year to remind them of basic safety precautions:

-Stay on the sidewalk.
-If crossing the street, do so at a crosswalk or on a corner.
-Look and listen before crossing the street.
-Look left for cars, then right, then left again. Then, cross.
-Never cross the street or step out between parked cars.

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