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News Posts in July, 2019

What to Expect for a Skin Check
Posted Jul 25, 2019
Adults should check their skin and moles about every three months. Those at risk for skin cancer should have a trained physician or dermatologist examine their skin once a year. Read more about how to prepare and what happens during your annual skin ...
Other Ways to Stay Sun Safe
Posted Jul 19, 2019
Wearing sunscreen is a must, but there are many other ways to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Wearing a lightweight, cotton layer to protect your arms, shoulders and legs can offer some sun protection, but clothing with built-in ...
Sunscreen 101
Posted Jul 8, 2019
One in five people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. It’s not just important that you wear sunscreen, but how you choose sunscreen and how you apply sunscreen also matters. The sun emits two kinds of ultraviolet rays: Ultraviolet A ...
How the Sun Affects Your Skin
Posted Jul 1, 2019
The summer means warm weather and time outdoors. But overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause a variety of skin issues. Do you know how the sun can affect your skin? No tan is a healthy tan, because any change in your skin’s color ...