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CaroMont Regional Implements Visitor Restrictions


Visitors Under Age of 13 Not Permitted in Hospital to Prevent Spread of Flu and Flu-Like Illness

In order to help control the spread of flu and flu-like illness, CaroMont Health will temporarily restrict visitors under the age of 13 to CaroMont Regional Medical Center beginning Saturday, January 13 at 7 a.m. Additionally, guests who have compromised immune systems or are experiencing flu-like symptoms should not visit a patient in the hospital during this time. This restriction also includes visitors to The Birthplace.

“The number of influenza and influenza-like illness cases presenting to CaroMont Regional’s Emergency Department has continued to climb in recent days,” said Todd Davis, MD, Chief Medical Officer at CaroMont Health. “Putting visitor restrictions in place is a necessary step to ensure we protect our patients, staff and visitors, as well as reduce the risk of exposing vulnerable populations.”

Typically, the flu virus is spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes near a susceptible person or contact is made with a contaminated surface. Adults tend to spread the virus from the day before symptoms begin through 5-10 days after the onset of the illness. Young children and individuals with compromised immune systems may take longer to present symptoms and are more likely to spread the virus to more people.

Visitor restrictions continue to be implemented annually to address upticks in influenza presentation. These restrictions are similar to those being implemented by hospitals across the state. The visitor restriction plan will remain in place until the incidence of flu and flu-like illness subsides and CaroMont officials, in accordance with Centers for Disease Control recommendations, determine it is no longer needed.

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