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Ask the Expert - Helmets


Q: Does my child really need to wear a helmet while riding a scooter?

A: Yes! According to SafeKidsUSA, there are approximately 275,000 non-fatal bicycle, scooter and skating injuries each year, or 690 kids injured every day. Head injury (also called traumatic brain injury or TBI) is the most common injury sustained after a child falls from a bike or scooter. Helmets decrease the risk of head injury (TBI) by as much as 85-90%. If every child wore a helmet every time they were on a bike/scooter, the number of traumatic brain injuries would be reduced by up to 45,000 children. No matter the speed of the bike or scooter, a fall could still happen. A helmet won't keep them from falling, but it will definitely keep their brain safer and drastically reduce the risk of a serious brain injury.

It’s easy to let the kids to jump on their bikes, scooters or skates and race to see their friends, but those few seconds it takes to put on a helmet could save their life. In honor of National Trauma Awareness Month, before your kids scoot away, take a few minutes to make sure that their helmet is properly strapped on!

By Sharry Duncan, RN, CEN
CaroMont Regional Medical Center, Trauma Program Manager

CaroMont Regional Medical Center is a Level III Trauma Center, one of only four in North Carolina. We diagnose, treat and manage serious traumatic injuries utilizing a multidisciplinary team to care for trauma patients. Click here to learn more about our emergency care services.

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