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Career Advancement Opportunity Boosts Employee Engagement


CaroMont Health’s Environmental Services Division Introduces New
Career Enhancement Program

It’s about having them understand the ‘why’ behind their work.” This is how Cesar Perez , Manager of Environmental Services (EVS) at CaroMont Regional Medical Center, describes the inspiration and effect of a staffing training program he and fellow Manager, Wesley Stiles, implemented earlier this year under the leadership of department Director, James Magnanti.

The Environmental Services (EVS) Career Enhancement Program, designed to not only educate front line staff on how to better perform their role, but also give employees opportunities for achievement and growth, has been a huge success for the Gastonia hospital. Comprised of a three-tiered system, every Environmental Services employee in good standing is eligible to participate in the program after six months on the job. Each tier has a several weeks of training, both classroom and computer-based, and ends with a final exam or exercise to show that each participant has mastered the skills required to move through the program. Upon achievement of a new tier, staff earns a new title – EVS Tech I, II or III – and an increase in pay. Tier 3 results in the employee earning the Association for Healthcare Environment’s CHEST (Certified Healthcare Environment Services Technician) certification.

“Their number one job in the hospital is to help prevent infections,” explains Perez. “This program gives them the skills to better understand their role in the process, set themselves apart as leaders in our department and support patient care.”

Magnanti says that morale and staff retention have increased exponentially since starting the program.

“Turnover in healthcare is very costly and can impact the organization’s ability to effectively support clinical staff,” echoes Magnanti. “A few years ago, we found ourselves in a constant state of training new people. We had to find a way to get staff engaged so they could connect the dots of the important role they play in patient care. The salary increase is great, but I’m learning that the title change on the name badges has a bigger impact. Being proud of the work you do every day is important.”

Since the program began, 36 employees have achieved Tier II and 39 employees have earned Tier III/CHEST certification. All staff who have achieved certification are still employed in the EVS department, and the program is getting national recognition. Magnanti, Perez and Stiles have been asked to present about the program at a national conference hosted by Premier, Inc., a healthcare improvement company, in June.

To view the article in The Gaston Gazette, click here.

Comments from employees:

“This program has been well worth the time and effort I put into it. EVS has given all of us the opportunity to move forward. The fact that my family may come to the hospital as a patient inspires me to do the best I can in my role.” - Heaven Campbell, EVS Technician, Tier III, CHEST

“I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and advance. The classes gave us the tools and information we needed to do our job well.” - Martha Sierra, EVS Technician, Tier III, CHEST

“I am inspired to do the best that I can to keep our patients safe. This program has been well worth my time and has opened my eyes to how vital my role is within the bigger picture. The classes showed me that I am an important part of the patient care team and what I do really matters.” - Terence Dixon, EVS Specialist, Tier III, CHEST

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