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Ask the Expert - Are Mammograms Really Necessary?


Ask the Expert - Are MammogramsReally Necessary?​

Paula Lundgren, MD, FACS

CaroMont Breast Surgical Specialists

When we think of getting a mammogram, there are tons of things that sound more fun. But with breast cancer being the second leading cause of death in women, taking some time out to get a mammogram could save your life. Dr. Lundgren explains why.

Q: Is a mammogram really necessary? It makes me feel uncomfortable.

A: Though it's a few minutes of awkwardness, a mammogram can save your life. In 2015, 262 people at CaroMont Health were diagnosed with breast cancer and of those cases, 86 percent were diagnosed at an early stage. No one knows your body like you, and I can't stress the importance of breast self-exams. Mammograms are designed to find cancer before physical symptoms develop, but breast self-exams help women get familiar with the look and feel of their breasts. Once you are familiar with your breasts, it will be easier to report any changes to your doctor.

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