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Q&A: Robert Zickler, MD, at CaroMont Heart


Why did you decide to become a physician?
The greatest honor and responsibility in life is to serve others. I cannot think of a more rewarding profession than to be entrusted with someone’s care. As a physician, I am proud and honored to have the privilege in making a difference in someone’s life.

How did you become interested in Vascular Surgery?
I became interested in vascular surgery during my general surgery residency. I sensed a growing need for vascular surgery created by the aging population in the United States. Vascular surgery is a rapidly growing specialty but remains underrepresented at the present time.

What are some of the conditions you treat?
My clinical expertise is in the treatment and care of patients with vascular disease. I have a special interest in the following areas of diagnosis and treatment: Limb salvage surgery including, surgical and endovascular treatment of lower extremity Peripheral Arterial Disease, Abdominal Aortic Aneurism (AAA) repair and aortic stent grafting, Carotid Artery disease and lower extremity venous disease including venous insufficiency and venous stasis ulcers.

Why did you choose to practice at CaroMont Health?
CaroMont is the health care leader in our community. It has many dedicated professionals with the primary goal to provide outstanding patient care. I enjoy being a part of the CaroMont team.

What are some of your hobbies/interests?
I like to spend my free time with my wife and four children; most of the time this involves enjoying an outside activity whether going for a walk or one of the many motor sport events in Charlotte. I believe in being physically fit so I also frequent the gym.

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