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CaroMont Health Partners with Gaston County Schools to Provide Athletic Training Services


CaroMont Health and Gaston County Schools have announced a partnership to provide athletic training support and services for the upcoming academic year. The partnership will place CaroMont Health as the exclusive athletic training provider for the County’s high school athletes.

“We understand the importance of the student-athlete experience in education and the critical role that keeping student-athletes safe and healthy plays in our county,” said Doug Luckett, President and CEO at CaroMont Health. “Our history of providing high-quality medicine and a comprehensive continuum of care makes us uniquely and expertly qualified to support the school system. We look forward to supporting these student-athletes to ensure their physical well-being into the future.”

CaroMont Health’s Athletic Training program is managed and staffed by nationally-certified athletic trainers who are state licensed to provide optimal medical care. The partnership will offer five trainers to cover the 10 high schools in Gaston County, and CaroMont Health has extended offers to existing Athletic Trainers should they want to join the program under CaroMont Health’s leadership.

CaroMont Health will also provide fast-track Emergency Department services, Saturday morning bumps and bruises clinic with on-site physician support, and ongoing injury reports and assessments for all schools. Additionally, CaroMont Health hosts a Sports Medicine Council compromised of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, physical therapists, administrative leaders and athletic trainers. The Council meets regularly to discuss and review topics that are pertinent to the field and conducts an annual program review to evaluate progress and devise ways to continually improve the program.

“The athletic trainers provide a valuable service to our high schools, and we are grateful for everything they do to support our athletics program and ensure the safety and well-being of our student-athletes,” said Superintendent of Schools, W. Jeffrey Booker. “We look forward to working with CaroMont Health to develop ways to enhance our athletics program. Our high schools, student-athletes, parents, and the community will continue to see a high level of athletic training services.”

CaroMont Health offers collaborative care in one system, which results in an optimal situation for student-athletes and their parents. The Athletic Training program will help guide athletes through the treatment and rehabilitation process when there is an issue or injury.

“We are thrilled by the opportunity to support our community’s athletes,” said Luckett.