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Practice Safety This Summer


The laughter of children. The rolling chirp of cicadas. The wail of sirens.

The sweet symphony of a southern summer can change in an instant.

According to the National Trauma Institute, traumatic injuries account for approximately 37 million emergency department visits and 2.6 million hospital admissions across the nation annually. Additionally, an estimated 25,000 trauma deaths per year are preventable.

As you and your family plan summer vacations and holiday celebrations, CaroMont Health urges proper safety precautions.

“We typically see an increase in traumatic injuries during the summer months and the weeks surrounding the Fourth of July,” said Angel Ross, Trauma Services Coordinator for CaroMont Health. “We encourage everyone to exercise caution to ensure their safety during this time.”

In an effort to educate the public on the prevention of accidents and injuries, CaroMont Health’s Trauma Services team has issued 10 TIPS (Trauma Injury Prevention Strategies) to keep your family safe this summer.

1. Don’t drink and drive. This is includes any motorized vehicle (boats, jet skis, golf carts and ATVS). Also, never ride with anyone who has consumed alcohol.

2. Obey the speed limit, and wear your safety belt. Speeding increases your likelihood of being involved in a significant or even fatal car crash by 30 percent.

3. Avoid falls. Don’t climb to a height higher than you are tall without proper safety equipment in place. Falling from heights accounts for the vast majority of life-altering injuries, usually related to spinal cord trauma.

4. Wear a helmet. Proper head protection should be worn on all wheeled toys (ATVs, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards) or when horseback riding.

5. Beware of snakes, insects and wildlife. Snakes, spiders and other pests become more active during the early summer months, and can be very dangerous. Also, never allow children to pet unfamiliar animals.

6. Don’t allow children to operate lawnmowers, golf carts or ATVS. In North Carolina, it is illegal to ride an ATV without a helmet and eye protection, and children under age 16 must be supervised by someone 18 years or older.

7. Practice water safety. Never leave children unattended around water. Always wear approved flotation device when boating, and consider becoming CPR certified.

8. Don’t misuse fireworks. Never use fireworks under the influence of alcohol, and don’t allow children to handle or ignite fireworks.

9. Stay hydrated. When temperatures and humidity are high, dehydration and heat-related injuries are very common. Drink water and avoid alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.

10. Use sunscreen. Choose an SPF appropriate for age and sun exposure and reapply as directed.

Just as you take steps to ensure a safe summer, CaroMont Health works to make sure we are prepared should you or your family need care during this time. For more information, please visit