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Daughters help mom deliver baby brother at home


Having her son on the bathroom floor wasn’t in Jessica Dills’ birthing plan.

Neither was having her 11-year-old daughter as a midwife. But the two worked together Thursday night in their Dallas home to bring baby Lucas into the world.

Lucas Kenneth Klaus Dills weighs 6 lbs. 3 oz. Though two weeks premature, the newborn is healthy. He and his mother were expected to be released from CaroMont Regional Medical Center Saturday afternoon.

Dills’ husband, Jamie, was at work in Newton Thursday night. He walked to his car during his evening break and called his wife.

Jessica had been hurting on and off for days, but she didn’t expect what happened next. She and Jamie were talking on the phone when her water broke.

Jessica was home alone with her oldest daughter, Ivy, 9-year-old Issabelle, and 6-year-old Eli.

Jessica went to the bathroom to change her clothes. Ivy helped. But when the contractions started, Jessica braced herself. She sat on the bathroom floor and started telling Ivy what to do.

Get clean towels.

Grab the phone.

Call 911.

As her mother yelled out in pain, Ivy talked to the 911 operator.

Issabelle tried to entertain her brother in the other room.

Despite their best efforts, the scene turned chaotic. The children heard their mother screaming, and they started crying.

Jessica put her pain aside and told the children to stop and listen.

“It kind of stopped the panic,” she said.

Within 10 minutes, Jessica was holding her newborn son. She took the phone from Ivy and got instructions on what to do next.

Ivy ran to find a shoestring to help her mother tie off the umbilical cord.

Minutes later Jamie pulled into the driveway. He had darted from work the minute his wife’s water broke.

“I walked in and saw her there holding him in a towel,” he said. “I missed the whole thing.”

An ambulance soon arrived and took Jessica and Lucas to the hospital.

Friday morning, Jessica and Jamie cradled their baby boy in a hospital bed. The other children were at school. All attend Costner Elementary School.

Jessica said there was no keeping the kids from going to school Friday morning regardless of their chaotic night.

“They were ready to go. They had a story to tell,” she said.

Lucas is the Dills first child together. Ivy, Issabelle and Eli are Jessica’s. She said all of her births have been relatively fast.

This go-round was painful and unnerving, but Jessica said she tried not to get rattled.

“I just went with the flow. It wasn’t easy,” she said.

Jamie hated to miss the birth of his son, but he was grateful for a happy, healthy boy. He said he was proud of his wife.

“I’m just glad she did as amazing as she did,” he said. “I’m super proud of her and the kids.”