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Stepping Up and Shaping Up at CaroMont Health


Walking more means weighing less for several CaroMont Health employees who had the initiative to take 35,568,868 steps on the way to better health.

Thanks to the Step Up, Shape Up program developed by the CaroMont Employee Health and Wellness Team, participants were given downloadable pedometers and presented with a set of walking goals to achieve. The employees were teamed up by department and competed against each other for additional motivation in the program.

Over the six-week program, participants were asked to attend weekly information sessions and upload their pedometer information in order to track their progress. Officials noted walking time, distance traveled, calories spent and fat burned. Participants were given the

opportunity to keep the pedometers in order to track their progress over the next 12 months.

“The funny thing is the pedometer made me rethink my approach to life, or should I say, route to life,” noted one of the participants.

In wake of the competition, 88 employees met all requirements by attending six required meetings and reaching a total of 10,000 steps in a day for three days during the event. The walkers averaged 7,883 steps daily. The top three department averages came from Food and Nutrition Services, Radiation and Oncology and Case Management.

The Step Up, Shape Up program announced their top competitor, Alicia Stinson, a Financial Services specialist, who tallied nearly 600,000 steps during the six-week program, averaging 14,226 steps per day.

“The daily goal of steps was 10,000, but I set my personal goal to 20,000. I felt increasing my goal would give me more motivation to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Stinson.

Misty Mills - “The Step Up, Shape Up program motivated me to get in better physical condition,” said Misty Mills, PCT/UCC, “I have lost a cumulative 25 pounds since May and will continue to enroll in future programs to continue my success.”