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CaroMont Health to Implement Cloud-Based Services


CaroMont Health to Implement Cloud-Based Services

From athenahealth

Gastonia, NC- July 7, 2011 CaroMont Health announced it will begin implementing athenahealth’s suite of cloud-based practice management, electronic health record and patient communication services beginning Aug. 1, 2011.

Approximately 200 medical providers at CaroMont will use athenahealth to better coordinate care. More than 27,000 medical providers nationwide currently use athenahealth to radically improve their control over clinical operations, giving them more time for their patients.

“The public has spoken and they’ve said they want health care to be more efficient and more patient-centered,” said Jonathan Bush, Chairman and CEO of athenahealth. “CaroMont Health is a forward-thinking organization. By implementing athenahealth’s services, they will be joining top hospitals around the country in improving operations and the overall delivery of care.”

CaroMont will be using athenahealth’s cloud-based medical billing and practice management service, which is fully integrated with athenahealth’s electronic health records service. CaroMont will also utilize athenahealth’s patient cycle management service.

“With athenahealth’s cloud-based platform, we’ll be better able to coordinate the many face-to-face interactions patients have with our medical professionals,” said Craig Dunker, CaroMont Health Vice President for Practice Management and Physician Services.

More efficient delivery of care will help drive down overall health care costs while providing many benefits to patients and CaroMont’s team of medical professionals, according to Dr. Todd Davis, Vice President for Medical Affairs.

“Specialists and primary-care physicians will be able to communicate better, emergency personnel will have better knowledge of patients’ medical histories, and results from evaluations such as x-rays will be delivered to medical personnel faster,” he said. “We’ll be able to find answers more quickly and have more time to spend with our patients.”

Staff members have received extensive training in the athenahealth platform. CaroMont has utilized a combination of online and formal classroom sessions so that everyone from front desk staff to clinicians are fully versed in the new system.