CaroMont Heart & Vascular

Step 2: The Day of Your Appointment

Our clinic is offers a convenient patient experience that groups all necessary pre-procedural assessments, including a frailty screening, lab work and pre-procedure testing (which may include carotid ultrasound, pulmonary function screening and a CT scan). You may also need to be scheduled for a cardiac catheterization at a later date. A volunteer will help escort you to and from your testing areas.

You will also meet with our Structural Cardiologist, Structural Nurse Practitioner/Coordinator, Cardiothoracic surgeon and nurse navigator. They will conduct a thorough examination and review your records, condition, imaging studies and treatment options with you. Our interactive consult rooms provide multiple teaching tools for your physician to review your medical images. You can also learn more about specific surgical techniques and medical concepts.

Together we will design a personalized treatment plan for you.