CaroMont Family Medicine - Belmont

Patient Information

Upon entering our building on Park Street in Belmont, our facility is the first door on the left. Please arrive fifteen to thirty minutes early for your appointment and bring a list of your current medications, your copay and insurance card. An interpreter can be provided for the patient if needed.

Payment is expected when services are rendered. If you are under an HMO or PPO, contracts require you to pay your copayment at the time of each visit. With each visit, you will receive a statement that itemizes all charges and summarizes your account. Patients paying cash will be asked to pay after the appointment, and will receive a 50% discount.

Follow-up appointments can be made at checkout, by phone or through the Patient Portal. Test results will be returned via phone from a staff member, through the Patient Portal or through mail. Your medical records are confidential. We will not release any medical information unless we have written authorization from you.

For routine refills, please contact your pharmacy. They will contact us with information we need. Certain medications, such as controlled substances, will not be filled on weekends, holidays or evenings.