Ashley Women's Center


Ashley Women’s Center provides extensive preventative care, high-risk obstetrical care, infertility services, urogynecology, full-service laboratory, digital mammography, DEXA scans and ultrasounds. We also offer in-office procedures such as Essure permanent sterilization and endometrial ablations.

Our office provides ultrasound services for obstetrical and gynecological patients, and our full-service, COLA accredited laboratory at the Gastonia office allows for quick and convenient services including cholesterol profiles, blood sugar monitoring and hormone level assays.

We also offer infertility and menopause treatment, midwifery services, and micro-, laser- and laparoscopic surgeries. In-office sterilizations are available as well.

For your convenience, we provide FDA-certified screening mammography services with our state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment. We are also accredited by the American Institute for Ultrasound Medicine.