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Birth & Beyond Childbirth Classes, Tuesdays Nov. 12, 19,26, Dec 3, 2019


This 4 part series will help to prepare Mom and her support partner for labor and birth. Couples learn all about the labor and birth process; practice positions, massage, relaxation and other methods to cope with labor. Medical pain relief measures, induction and Cesarean Birth are also covered. A tour of the Birthplace is given during the series.

Birth & Beyond Childbirth class includes education and information that is taught in both the Epidural and Baby Beginnings class. If you are registered for the Birth & Beyond Childbirth class, you do not need to register for the Epidural and Baby Beginnings class.

Series includes 4 Tuesdays: Nov. 12, 19,26, Dec 3, 2019


Price: Free
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