Welcome to
CaroMont Health!

New Employee Orientation

We're excited that you've decided to join our team. The links and materials below provide useful
information about employment at CaroMont Health and may answer any questions you have
prior to your employee orientation.

  • Pre-employment Checklist

    Learn how to successfully
    complete your pre-employment
    screening requirements.

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  • Employee Orientation Agenda


  • Employee Orientation FAQs


  • Employee Code of Conduct

    Following our Code of Conduct helps
    ensure all CaroMont employees meet our
    high standard of professional ethics.

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  • Dress Code Information

    Learn how a professional image is
    important for achieving safe care and
    helping our organization succeed.

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  • Employee Benefits

    Explore your competitive employee
    benefits, including health, vision,
    dental and retirement plans.

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  • Employee Handbook

    View our handbook for details
    on company policies and other job-related
    information you'll need to know.

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  • Retirement Plan Services

    Find additional details on our
    robust retirement plan options,
    how to enroll and more.

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  • Self-Service Portal Instructions

    Get instructions for our
    self-service password reset
    tool, including how and when to use it.

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About Us

Questions about CaroMont Health? Use the links below to learn more about who we are.

  • About CaroMont Health

    Through our team of more than 4,000
    healthcare professionals. We provide
    innovative care to our region.

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  • Mission, Vision and Values

    At CaroMont Health, our mission,
    vision and CARES values serve as
    a guide for all that we do.

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  • Campus Map

    Find a map of CaroMont
    Regional Medical Center and the
    surrounding campus below.

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If you still have questions or desire additional information, please contact
your CaroMont Health recruiter.