About Us

Press Center

CaroMont Health’s Public Affairs Department is available to assist the media in coverage of local, state and national healthcare issues. If you need background information on our organization, resources for a specific story or assistance in arranging interviews with our healthcare professionals, please call 704.834.2080.


Please understand that we are here to care for our patients. For that reason, we must ask for your cooperation with the following guidelines.

  • Media representatives must remain only in designated areas unless accompanied by a CaroMont Health media liaison.
  • Media representatives must wear a photo ID/press credentials at all times.
  • Media vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.
  • Unmarked media vehicles must display a media parking pass.
  • Media vehicles and/or equipment may not block or impede traffic flow on hospital and public roadways or streets.
  • Media representatives may not approach, photograph, shoot video images or make audio recordings at any time of any patients, visitors, staff, physicians or volunteers without the presence and permission of a CaroMont Health media liaison.
  • Media representatives may not use any mast or signal transmission equipment that would interfere with air medical operations.
  • Media outlets may not operate any aircraft within close proximity to CaroMont Health campuses that would interfere with air medical operations, or create distracting and unpleasant noise for our patients.
  • In absence of the Public Affairs Director or staff members, inquiries regarding condition reports should be directed to Administration, and if they are not available, to the nursing supervisor on duty. Standard patient conditions are: Critical, Serious, Fair, Good or Treated and Released.
  • Non-urgent media calls should not be directed to the nursing supervisor on duty as their primary responsibility is patient care.