About Us

Our Mission: To provide compassionate, exceptional and highly reliable care.

Our Vision: To be the community's most trusted healthcare partner.

Our CARES Values

The values of our organization are what we believe and how we behave. They are the way we support each other and our patients, they are the basis for our decisions, and they are the way we hold ourselves and each other accountable.

C | Compassion

  • Respect Everyone
  • Be Kind
  • Demonstrate Empathy

A | Accountability

  • Take Ownership
  • Demonstrate Integrity
  • Honor CARES Culture

R | Reliability

  • Be Reluctant to Simplify
  • Be Sensitive to Operations
  • Be Preoccupied with Failure
  • Commit to Resilience
  • Trust Experts

E | Excellence

  • Be an Engaged Team Member
  • Provide Exceptional Service
  • Continually Improve and Innovate

S | Safety

  • Strive for Zero Harm
  • Anticipate Risk
  • Identify and Correct Mistakes
  • Create and Follow Standard Work