CaroMont Health Foundation

Community Grants

Thank you for your interest in the CaroMont Health Foundation Grants Program. The CaroMont Health Foundation awards grant funding to community organizations and CaroMont programs whose initiatives will support its mission of improving and enhancing the health and wellness of Gaston County. The application period for 2018 is closed. Please check back for updates and information regarding funding priorities for the next application period scheduled to open in January 2019.

While the Foundation welcomes applications from any local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and CaroMont department, priority is given to direct service programs that respond to a demonstrated need in our community. Programs that are not duplicated in our area and those that collaborate with other local non-profit organizations or CaroMont departments are encouraged to apply. It is typically the practice of the Grants Committee to not grant awards to programs requesting funds for salary or building expenses. To remain able to quickly respond to emergent needs in our community, funds are reserved for direct service programs whenever possible and multiyear requests are not generally considered.

As you consider whether to seek grant funding, please use this to help you determine whether your program is a good fit. We receive a large number of requests annually, and we have to make difficult decisions when determining which programs to support. If you have any questions about grants or any Foundation program, please contact the Foundation office at 704.834.4034 or

Some examples of our 2017 grant programs include:

Medications for Heart Patients
In collaboration with The Heart Society of Gaston County, medications are provided to heart patients who are unable to afford them. They are able to support many patients in Gaston County who otherwise wouldn't have access to potentially life-saving medication.

Health Education for School Age Children
Through a collaborative effort between the Boys and Girls Club of Gaston County and the Wellness Department of CaroMont Health, children are receiving education about health and wellness using the 5-2-1-0 program that encourages participants to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables, get no more than two hours of screen time, be active for at least an hour and consume no sugary drinks per day. They also get the opportunity to participate in hands-on cooking classes to learn how food choices can directly impact their health.

Dental Care for Cancer Patients
Some patients are in need of dental work before or after undergoing radiation treatments for certain head and neck cancers. In fact, treatment may have to be delayed or cancelled if the dental work is not performed. The Foundation supports the work of the CaroMont Cancer Center and local dentists to help patients receive necessary dental care.

Nutrition Support for Students
The CaroMont Health Foundation is proud to support the BackPack Weekend Food Program, a non-profit organization that provides backpacks filled with healthy, non-perishable food to children who may otherwise miss meals during the weekend.

Please contact the CaroMont Health Foundation office at 704.834.4034 with questions.