About Us

Board of Directors

  • David Payseur, Jr.
    David Payseur, Jr.
  • Jeffery Cash
    Jeffery Cash
    Vice Chair
  • Pearl Burris-Floyd
    Pearl Burris-Floyd
  • Barry Pomeroy
    Barry Pomeroy
  • Michael Gaslin, MD
    Michael Gaslin, MD
    Chief of Staff
  • Jay Hendler, MD
    Jay Hendler, MD
    Chief of Staff Elect
  • Eric Emerson, MD
    Eric Emerson, MD
    Immediate Past Chief of Staff
  • William "Gus" Anthony
    William "Gus" Anthony
    Board Member
  • Janie Peak
    Janie Peak
    Board Member
  • Annette Carter
    Annette Carter
    Board Member
  • Timothy Conner
    Timothy Conner
    Board Member
  • Joseph B. Davis, Jr.
    Joseph B. Davis, Jr.
    Board Member
  • Frank Stewart
    Frank Stewart
    Board Member
  • Charles J. Meakin, III, MD
    Charles J. Meakin, III, MD
    Board Member
  • Bob Hovis
    Bob Hovis
    County Commissioner