Single Room Care

Color Bar

Not only will you, your baby and family receive the finest care and medical technology available, but this will all take place in a serene, homelike environment. Our single room maternity care facility reflects a collaborative effort between our staff, physicians and former patients. Our goal was to create a space that is warm and welcoming for the entire family, old and new while delivering safe, healthy births.

When a woman is admitted to the Birthplace she keeps the same room throughout her entire stay, and a nurse cares for both mother and baby together. Each room draws soft, natural light through large windows and skylights, and also includes privacy curtains, a rocker recliner, a full-size pull-out sofa, a spa-like bathroom with a whirlpool tub, wireless internet access, a refrigerator, and a TV with VCR/DVD player. Further creating a home-like atmosphere, the sliding-wall panel at the head of the bed contains and disguises advanced medical equipment needed for a safe birth. The architectural design of the Birthplace also supports tranquility with curving spacious hallways, natural views, a reflection pond and beautiful artwork throughout.

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