Patient Safety

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At CaroMont Health, we take your safety and security seriously. All staff members are required to wear standardized hospital identification badges, which include our logo, and the staff member’s name, photograph and title. Caregivers will introduce themselves before caring for you. If a staff member is new or unfamiliar, ask who they are.

Security officers patrol CaroMont Health’s hospital and grounds, as well as assist patients and visitors when needed. Call the security department at (704) 834-2801.

Environmental Safety
Visitors are asked not to bring latex balloons to the hospital. Some patients, staff and volunteers are sensitive to latex. You may bring Mylar balloons, which are available at area stores and in our hospital gift shops. If you have a latex sensitivity, inform hospital staff immediately.

Newborn Security Measures
Information about security measures for newborns is given to parents at arrival. Read the information carefully and ask questions about your hospital stay. All staff members who work with mothers and their newborns have a unique identification badge. This includes medical staff, physicians, environmental services staff and volunteers. If any person or situation makes you uneasy or uncomfortable, tell your nurse.

Children Visiting CaroMont Health
Keep your child/children close to you when visiting a patient. If a child becomes lost during your visit, immediately tell the nearest CaroMont Health staff member-look for the photo identification badge. Staff members have been trained to implement a response plan to locate lost children.


  • Be involved in your care decisions. Ask questions about your condition and care. Don’t be afraid to ask for second opinions.
  • If you leave your room without a staff member, please notify your nurse.
  • Be sure you know what you need to do when you go home including medications, diet, activity, and follow-up care.
  • We offer assistance at no charge for the patient with problems hearing, seeing or if the patient does not understand English. Just ask your nurse.
  • If any equipment in your room alarms, please call your nurse. Please do not turn off alarms yourself.
  • Please do not adjust any of the equipment in your room. If equipment needs to be adjusted, call your nurse. Do not allow family and/or friends to adjust your equipment.

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