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As a patient or visitor at CaroMont Health, we’re here to help before, during and after your stay.  Let us know if there is anything we can do for you, your family or your guests. If you have questions, ask a staff member or volunteer. You also can call our patient relations department at 704.834.2225.

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The best care includes effective communication among you, your family, your physicians and other members of your health care team. We welcome and encourage your participation and input. Our skilled staff hopes to make your stay with us, whether extended or not, as comfortable as possible. If you’re treatment or procedure doesn’t require you to stay overnight in the hospital, visit our outpatient services section for instructions and information about your care.

Patients having procedures or tests, Monday – Friday from 5:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. should check in at the Admitting / Registration Area. After 9:00 p.m. and on the weekends, Patients should check in at the Registration Area located in the Emergency Department. Please reserve patient drop-offs at the Main Hospital Entrance for those with difficulty walking.


CaroMont Health makes every effort to provide a safe, comfortable environment for patients, their families and loved ones. If you have a friend or loved one at the hospital, the following information may be helpful to you when planning to visit.

Beginning January 15, 2013, registration will be required for visiting after hours at two primary locations: the Emergency Department and the Rotunda. Visitors will receive a self-expiring stick-on badge that must be worn at all times and visible while in the hospital. Visitors will have access to the patient’s floor they are visiting and The Terrace. Visitors from the Emergency Department will only be able to access The Terrace.

General Visiting Hours:

General visiting hours at CaroMont Regional Medical Center is between 10:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.  CaroMont Regional Medical Center recognizes the importance family members and care partners play in supporting, comforting, and providing important information in the care of the patient and are always welcomed.

CaroMont Health endorses an open visitation atmosphere and views family members and care partners as respected members of the healthcare team who help to ensure quality and safety.  There are times that visitation may be limited or restricted when it is clinically necessary or reasonable.  Talk with your nurse about the visiting hours specific to your unit and communicate any special needs or concerns you may have.

After Hours Visiting Hours:

8:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Visitor Parking

Free visitor parking is located under the Birthplace. Visitors who have difficulty walking may be dropped off at the main hospital entrance. Parking behind the hospital is for employee use only. Designated parking for Endoscopy patients is on level P1. Below is additional information about coming to the hospital:

The visitor information desk is located just inside the “rotunda” of the new building.

Visitors and patients may access the patient towers from the visitor information desk by covered walkway to the main hospital lobby.

Family and friends of patients in surgery may wait in the surgery waiting area on the 1st level of the new addition.

Patient Parking

All patients should park in the Parking Deck except for patients going to the Emergency Department.  ED patients should park in the ED Parking lot.  Disabled Parking is also available in the ED Parking for Coumadin Clinic and Respiratory Patients.

In the Main Parking Deck, there is designated parking marked for certain services such as Radiation Oncology, Cardio/Pulmonary and Endoscopy.


CaroMont Heart provides a full range of life-saving cardiac care, including open heart surgery

  • Patient arrival to procedure — ‘door to balloon time’ — is 58 minutes
  • Four interventional catheterization labs
  • Approximately 2,500 Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterizations performed annually
  • Approximately 800 Percutaneous Coronary Interventions performed annually

The Birthplace boasts approximately 2,800 deliveries in 2009

  • 52 bed Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum (single room maternity care)
  • 16 bed Level III NICU
  • Average of 230 deliveries per month and 10 babies per day in our NICU

CaroMont Cancer Center provides advanced 3-D radiation treatment planning and chemotherapy

  • Surgical, medical and radiation oncology services
  • Clinical trial participation available
  • Cancer support services

CaroMont Center for Mental Wellness has 63 licensed inpatient beds providing acute psychiatric care for adults, children and adolescents

  • Average of 165 admissions per month
  • Adult substance abuse program
  • Child/adolescent programs serve children ages 7-17, under the direction of a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Emergency Services cares for over 100,000 emergency patients per year

  • 28 Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians and over 200 other emergency services employees staff our Emergency Department
  • Emergency Services participates in the NC RACE program (emergency cardiac care)

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