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CaroMont Health is committed to providing the best care experience to patients throughout their stay. We also extend this high standard of care to the family members and visitors of our patients. The staff of CaroMont Health has the utmost respect for their patients and provides patients and visitors with the information and support they need.

Following strict quality and safety practices, we place great importance in our staff’s compliance with such practices, and we continuously seek ways to improve.

Patients and Family
As a CaroMont Health patient or visitor, we are here to help and assist you before, during and after your stay. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or your family members. If you have questions, feel free to ask a CaroMont Health staff member or volunteer.

The best patient care includes effective communication, and we welcome and encourage your questions and input. Our skilled staff hopes to make your stay with us, whether extended or not, as comfortable as possible. If your treatment or procedure does not require an overnight stay, please visit our outpatient services section for instructions and information about your care.

The support of family and friends is an important part of any patient’s recovery. Our staff will work with visitors on a variety of issues, such as determining the best times to visit a patient and how to be supportive of their loved one.

As a visitor at CaroMont Health, we’re here to help before, during and after your stay.  Let us know if there is anything we can do for you, your family or your guests. If you have questions, ask a staff member or volunteer. You also can call our patient relations department at 704.834.2225

Proven Quality
Another major part of our commitment to improving quality is our pledge to publicly share our performance data and provide clear explanations of what these measures mean. This includes data provided by nationally recognized third-party organizations that measure quality and safety, such as CareChex and The Delta Group. We do this not only to show how well we compare with our peers, but also to show our commitment to being open and honest with our patients and their families.

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