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CaroMont Health, and the Birthplace, know that you want to learn as much as you can about pregnancy, labor, birth, and caring for your baby.  We offer a variety of classes that are designed to enhance these experiences.

This section of the website allows you to review options, determine availability, and reserve your space at activities that meet your particular needs.

Just click your area of interest on the right side of this page and explore! Please note you must register for any class or tour that you wish to attend.

Overview of Classes

This FREE one hour class is designed for any couple (mom & support person) that may want to use epidural anesthesia during labor. Benefits, risks, and what to expect with epidural anesthesia are covered. Click to View Available Classes.

Birth & Beyond Childbirth Series
These classes will help to prepare Mom and her support partner for labor and birth. Couples learn all about the labor and birth process; practice positions, massage, relaxation, and other methods to cope with labor. Medical pain relief measures, induction and Cesarean Birth are also covered. A tour of the Birthplace is given during the series. A series consist of Monday evenings or 2 Saturdays.
 Fee: $80/couple for the series. Click to View Available Classes.

Dad’s Class
Dads-to-be are provided with an opportunity to talk with an experienced dad about the challenges and joys of fatherhood. Various support approaches for his partner through pregnancy, birth and parenting are discussed. Practice with baby dolls allows expectant fathers to learn basic baby care. (No Moms-to-be allowed) 
Fee: $15/Dad. Click to View Available Classes.

Baby Beginnings
Most new parents wish their newborns came with instructions. During this two hour class, parents will learn about newborn hospital procedures, normal newborn appearance and behavior, plus basic baby care techniques and tips.
 Fee: $20/couple (No discounted rate if Mom attends alone. Click to View Available Classes.

Infant CPR and Safety
This class provides demonstration and hands on practice of infant resuscitation and rescue for a choking baby. Household safety proofing tips and accident prevention are also reviewed.
Fee: $20/couple. Click to View Available Classes.

Getting started, latching on, and positioning are among the skills taught in this two hour session to promote a smooth transition into breastfeeding.
 Fee: $10/couple (No discounted rate if Mom attends alone). Click to View Available Classes.

Facility Tour
This is a group tour of the Birthplace for couples and their families that are expecting a baby. Please arrive on time – once the tour is in progress late arrivers will not be allowed to join the group and will have to re-schedule for another tour. Please limit your party to 4 or less (expectant Mom + 3). Do not bring anyone on the tour that is sick. We do not offer private tours.
 Fee: FREE. Click to View Available Classes.

School Age Sibling Class
This one hour class allows children that are expecting a new baby in their family with an opportunity to visit the Birthplace and learn some basic baby care skills. Children watch a short video about becoming a sibling and take a tour during this class. (Recommended ages 6-10) A parent or adult must attend with child. 
Fee: $10/child.Click to View Available Classes.

Toddler/Pre-School Sibling Class
This one hour class teaches small children various ways they can be “helpers” with their new baby to promote positive feelings towards the baby. Children watch a short video, visit a Birthplace room and talk about when “mommy” comes to stay at the hospital. (Recommended ages 2-5) A parent or adult must attend with child. 
Fee: $10/child. Click to View Available Classes.

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