Social Media Policy

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At CaroMont Health we are passionate about what we do, and we want to share our experiences with you.  Today’s online environment and social media platforms like, Facebook and Twitter, are transforming the way we interact. Online collaboration enables us to share our knowledge and expertise, and it’s a way for us to take part in community conversation.

We welcome any feedback, comments or questions you have regarding the information posted on our social media pages. The following guidelines highlight our social media protocol for anyone posting to our platforms.

Think before you post.

Keep in mind that what you post is available for all to see and share and will be public for a long time. The content of your post is also a reflection of you, so be sure that what you say is consistent with your values and what you want to portray to your family, friends, co-workers and people who don’t know you.  If in doubt, it’s best to refrain from posting altogether.


While we are not responsible for the conduct or opinions of users, we do have the right to monitor our social media pages, and may edit, hide or delete any posts that do not align with our organizational values or that we deem inappropriate, particularly the use of profanity and abusive language. The views and opinions expressed by the users of this site are not a direct reflection of CaroMont Health as an organization, nor of its employees, doctors, patients and their families.

We have the right to repost and reuse content posted by users on our social media sites.

Sharing Issues

If you have any issue or concern, we want to hear about them; however, social media is not an ideal environment to share and discuss sensitive issues. In cases when you desire to make a concern known, we ask that you send through a private message or call our patient representatives at 704.834.2682. This will allow us to better address your concern quickly.


We will provide timely and accurate information, news and events as they relate to the mission and values of the organization. While we cannot respond to every post on our page, we will do our best to stay engaged as much as we can.


Patient privacy is a priority. Any patient information or experiences shared by the patient, their families or friends will be at the discretion of the user. In accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, CaroMont will not post or take part in any communication that may violate patient privacy.  Moreover, CaroMont employees are not to engage in discussions about patient medical care or disclose any information pertaining to a patient.


When posting information obtained from an external source to our social media pages, we will cite the original source of any external references used as information, links or tools as best we can. We do not endorse, review or take responsibility for the links or information posted by our users.

Additionally, all logos and images on the CaroMont Health page are the property of CaroMont Health.

No solicitations.

Our social media pages are not to be used for solicitations for other organizations, including, but not limited to: political, product/service endorsements, advocacy or charitable organizations. Only CaroMont Health sanctioned and approved charitable solicitations are permitted.

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