Corporate Responsibility Program

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Mission and Role of the Corporate Responsibility Program

The mission of CaroMont Health is to provide exceptional health care to the communities we serve. We conduct our operations in a fiscally responsible manner as we pursue our vision as a nationally recognized leader and valued partner in promoting individual health and vibrant communities.

CaroMont Health strives to accomplish its mission under a complex array of laws and regulations governing all aspects of its operations. A vital part of accomplishing its mission is that all customers, including patients, employees, medical staff, business partners and regulators, perceive CaroMont Health as an organization that provides its services and conducts its business in compliance with all laws and regulations, and that it continues to maintain its reputation for honesty, integrity and high ethical standards.

The CaroMont Health Board of Directors delegates oversight of the Corporate Responsibility program to the Corporate Responsibility Committee. The Corporate Responsibility Officer and Executive Compliance Committee are responsible for the day-to-day direction and implementation of CaroMont Health’s Corporate Responsibility Program. This includes developing and maintaining compliance materials and resources, providing compliance related training, alerts and updates, and overseeing on-going compliance reviews and audits, as needed.

All patient encounters, workplace conduct and business decisions must be grounded in the highest standards of honesty and fairness, and be consistent with all applicable laws. All CaroMont Health workforce members must always be aware of how individual actions affect the integrity and credibility of the business units in which they work, the system as a whole, and the overall health care industry.

Reporting a Concern

Every CaroMont Health workforce member has an affirmative obligation to report any situation that is believed to be a violation of law, a violation of CaroMont Health policy or unethical, involving another employee or someone acting on behalf of CaroMont Health. Employees are encouraged to report any potential issue to a supervisor or to the Corporate Responsibility Department. Anyone with a compliance concern can call the toll-free Corporate Responsibility Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling 1.877.785.0001.

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