Cancer Center

Cancer Center at CaroMont Health

Developments in modern medicine and increased cancer awareness, has made diagnosing, treating, preventing and conquering cancer drastically different than in decades past. Our highly-qualified medical specialists and Board-Certified experts are all devoted to finding the best possible cancer treatments and remedies. Ultimately, we strive to help improve the likelihood of survival and improve quality of life during treatment as well as during post-treatment years.

Our nurses are educated by Oncology Nursing Society standards and are all Oncology Certified. With a team of qualified, skilled and experienced medical professionals, patients can be confident knowing we are here to guide them through their journey. Together, we can help patients conquer one of the most complex diseases and come out on the other side a stronger and healthier cancer survivor.

The CaroMont Cancer Center takes a multidisciplinary system of care approach to the treatment of cancer. This includes prevention, early detection, education, treatment, follow-up care, symptom management and patient survivorship services. At CaroMont Health, we are truly concerned about our patient's well-being and strive to make this chapter of their lives as stress-free and normal as possible.

Our patient-centered approach to care ensures that patients and their families are included in all aspects of decision making and treatment planning. We strongly believe that providing compassion will translate into efficient care for our patients. Our highly responsive team of physicians and staff members works around the clock to initiate and facilitate diagnosis, treatment and survivorship services in a coordinated manner with other necessary support services.