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CaroMont’s top priority is to remain a viable and independent health care system. To remain strong we must do everything possible to secure our future. Part of that is making decisions that help position the organization to compete in a market that is competitive and to remain stable while meeting the enormous financial pressures being brought to bear by health care reform. Our goal is and will always be to continue to provide high quality care at a reasonable cost to those who depend on us.

“We recognize that the difficult decision to change the Hospital’s name has been upsetting to some in our community. As a veteran myself, I have invited the leaders of the Veterans’ groups to meet with me, Board Member Donnie Loftis and County Commissioner Tracy Philbeck, to discuss concerns around the name change and how CaroMont plans to honor our heritage. We want to share the research and data behind the naming decision–a decision that was not made lightly,” said Doug Luckett, Interim Chief Executive Officer.

CaroMont sincerely wants to ensure that our heritage remains the anchor of this organization and for all of our present and future veterans in Gaston County. “I am confident that we can come together around what is best for the independence of our community hospital while preserving the history that made it so great,” said Mr. Luckett.