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CaroMont Begins Implementing Palm ID System


Patients now have a new way to check in, thanks to our recently installed Palm ID scanning system. The new system allows CaroMont Health patients to scan their palms in order to match their identities with their electronic medical record. If a patient is readmitted, all they have to do is scan his or her palm.

The hospital will install 250 scanners in various departments and practices. Palms will be scanned using harmless, near-infrared light to illuminate the vein patterns in one’s hand. Everyone’s vein pattern is different–even identical twins–and is much less susceptible to change than fingerprints.

“The non-invasive system will accomplish a number of important points for patients and medical staff,” said CaroMont Health’s Assistant Vice President, Mark Johnson. “Patients will no longer have to verbally give their information, leaving them open for medical or identity theft. Office staff will be certain that similar names don’t cause confusion and mix up paperwork. And accuracy will be easier to achieve.”